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Effect of some plant species on fatty acid composition and mineral contents of Ferulago, Prangos, Ferula, and Marrubium seed and oils

Ghafoor, Kashif, Doğu, Süleyman, Mohamed Ahmed, Isam A., Fadimu, Gbemisola J., Geçgel, Ümit, Al Juhaimi, Fahad, Babiker, Elfadıl E., Özcan, Mehmet Musa
Journal of food processing and preservation 2019 v.43 no.5 pp. e13939
Ferula, Marrubium, Prangos, cosmetics, dietary supplements, fatty acid composition, foods, fuels, mineral content, nutrients, oleic acid, protein content, rural communities, seed oils, seeds
The oil contents of seeds were between 4.92% (Ferulago aucheri) and 16.47% (Ferula parva). The highest oleic acid contents were detected in Ferulago syraea (67.15%), Ferulago pauciradiata (67.15%), Ferulago pachyloba (68.82%), Ferulago syriaca (66.16%), Prangos uechtritzii (60.37%), Ferula tingitana (77.26%), and Ferula szowitsiana (58.81%) seed oils. Oleic acid contents of Ferulago spp. (except F. aucheri) oils were found higher than those of other plant seed oils used in experiment (except F. tingitana). The behenic acid content (75.38%) of F. aucheri were significantly higher than other samples. The K contents of plants ranged between 2,888.41 mg/kg (F. aucheri Boiss.) and 21,601.26 mg/kg (Ferula lycia Boiss.); Ca contents of plants ranged between 5,041.86 (Marrubium catariifolium Desr.) and 39,858.36 mg/kg (F. tingitana L.). In addition, the P contents of plants remained between 299.25 (M. catariifolium Desr.) and 4,674.64 mg/kg (Marrubium trachyticum Boiss.). The protein contents of plant seeds ranged between 1.75 (F. aucheri Boiss.) and 5.40% (M. trachyticum Boiss.). PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS: Plant seed oils have been used for centuries by rural communities in foods, medicines, cosmetics, and fuel. They have been observed to carry excellent nutritional, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical values. They are provided with good quantities of different nutrients and important fatty acids. The study will help to understand the differences in fatty acid and mineral composition of different plants from Apiaceae and Lamiaceae families.