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A hybrid polymer/oxide/ionic-liquid solid electrolyte for Na-metal batteries

Song, Shufeng, Kotobuki, Masashi, Zheng, Feng, Xu, Chaohe, Savilov, Serguei V., Hu, Ning, Lu, Li, Wang, Yu, Li, Wei Dong Z.
Journal of materials chemistry A 2017 v.5 no.14 pp. 6424-6431
ambient temperature, batteries, composite polymers, electric potential difference, electrochemistry, electrolytes, mechanical properties, sodium
The development of solid electrolytes with superior electrical and electrochemical performances for the room-temperature operation of sodium (Na)-based batteries is at the infant stage and still remains a challenge. Herein, we, for the first time, report hybrid solid electrolytes consisting of PEO₂₀–NaClO₄–5% SiO₂–x% Emim FSI (x = 50, 70) designed for solid-state Na-metal batteries. The hybrid design yields a solid electrolyte featuring a high room-temperature ionic conductivity of 1.3 × 10⁻³ S cm⁻¹, suitable mechanical property, a wide voltage stability window of 4.2 V and a high Na⁺ transference number of 0.61. A prototypical Na-metal battery using this hybrid solid electrolyte demonstrates promising long-term cycling performances at room temperature and at an elevated temperature of 60 °C for 100 cycles. The finding implies that the hybrid solid electrolyte is promising for Na-metal batteries operating at room temperature.