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Changes in Quality of Dried Fig Fruit and Processed Fig Products under Cold and Ambient Storage Conditions

Sen, F., Meyvaci, K.B., Aksoy, U., Koc, S., Sarilar, S., Kocaturk, R.
Acta horticulturae 2010 no.877 pp. 853-860
Ficus carica, cold storage, dried fruit, figs, fruit quality, fruits, markets, microbial load, processed foods, relative humidity, shelf life, solar drying, spring, storage temperature, storage time, sweets, trade
Turkey has a significant share in the world dried fig (Ficus carica 'Sarılop') trade. Dried fig is generally exported as semi-processed intermediate goods. During the last years, there are attempts to develop new processed products from fig paste. The research was carried out in 2006-2007 to determine the quality changes that limit market life of sun-dried fig fruits destined for direct consumption and sweets prepared from fig paste. Dried fig fruit (manipulated as Lerida type) and two products processed from fig (fig delight with walnut and sesame coated paste) were stored under cold (3±0.5°C, 55-65% relative humidity) and ambient storage conditions for 12 months. Samples were taken monthly to monitor quality changes and microbial load. Under ambient storage conditions, quality losses started in dried fig and fig delight after 7 months and in sesame coated paste after 8 months of storage due to increased temperatures and lower relative humidity in the spring. Cold storage conditions extended storage ability and no significant changes were observed for a 12 month period.