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Brief bibliometric analysis of “ionic liquid” applications and its review as a substitute for common adsorbent modifier for the adsorption of organic pollutants

Lawal, Isiaka A., Klink, Michael, Ndungu, Patrick, Moodley, Brenda
Environmental research 2019 v.175 pp. 34-51
adsorbents, adsorption, bibliometric analysis, computer software, databases, ionic liquids, pollutants, pollution control, surfactants
The importance of improving adsorbent's adsorption efficiency in organic pollutants has been reported by many researchers. Surfactant-based modified adsorbents were a tasteful choice. As a result, the use of surfactants as a modifier for removing organic pollutants has shown to play a very big role in enhancing the adsorption efficiency of different materials. Ionic liquids are receiving extensive interest as green multipurpose compounds, primarily as a replacement for traditional chemicals that are used in many chemical processes. This work gives a brief bibliometric analysis of application of ionic liquid from 1930 to 2017, documents were collected from Scopus database and keywords from the abstracts and titles were analyzed using VOSviewer software. Furthermore, the work presents a review of conventionally known surfactants and the recent likelihood of ionic liquids for modifying adsorbents for adsorption of organic pollutants. Over the period of years between 1930 and 2017, 13,144 documents were published on the application of ionic liquids. VOSviewer software further confirms that adsorption is one of the leading areas in applications of ionic liquids. Review also showed that ionic liquid is a good modifier of adsorbents.