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Assembly of a UV-LED induced fluorescence system for rapid determination of amiloride in pharmaceutical tablet and human serum

Chen, Wanchao, Xiong, Yinran, Wang, Wenming, Wu, Ting, Li, Long, Kang, Qidi, Du, Yiping
Talanta 2019 v.203 pp. 77-82
blood serum, computers, cost effectiveness, detection limit, fluorescence, humans, light emitting diodes, pH, raspberries, spectrometers
A simple and sensitive fluorescence method has been developed for the determination of amiloride (AMI) in pharmaceutical tablet and human serum with a portable, cost-effective, and easy-to-operate fluorescence system. The fluorescence system was assembled with some optical and electronic devices mainly including a 370 nm light-emitting-diode (LED) as light source, a fiber spectrometer and a Raspberry Pi computer. With the system, AMI produced a strong fluorescence emission at 413 nm, and the emitted intensity can maintain good stability with in a wide pH range from 2 to 8. The proposed method was successfully applied to the determinations of AMI in pharmaceutical tablet and human serum. Their detection limits were 1.67 ng mL−1 and 1.43 ng mL−1 respectively, and the recovery was in the range of 94.06–114.0%. Those obtained results proved that the proposed methods combined with the developed fluorescence system could be employed for the routine analysis of amiloride in pharmaceutical tablet and human serum, especially for the fast analysis of them under field conditions.