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Cloud forecasting system for monitoring and alerting of energy use by home appliances

Chou, Jui-Sheng, Truong, Ngoc-Son
Applied energy 2019 v.249 pp. 166-177
Internet, artificial intelligence, buildings, e-mail, electrical equipment, energy, energy conservation, energy use and consumption, household equipment, information management, information systems, management systems, models, monitoring, prediction, stakeholders, time series analysis
Inrecentyears,energy information systems have had an important role in the operational optimization of intelligent buildings to provide such benefits as high efficiency, energy savings and smart services. Interest in the intelligent management of home energy consumption using data mining and time series analysis is increasing. Therefore, this work develops an efficient web-based energy information management system for the power consumption of home appliances that monitors the energy load of a home, analyzes its energy consumption based on machine learning, and then sends information to various stakeholders. It interacts with the end-user through energy dashboards and emails. The web-based system includes a novel hybrid artificial intelligence model to improve its prediction of energy usage. An automatic warning function is also developed to identify anomalous energy consumption in a home in real time. The cloud system automatically sends a message to the user's email whenever a warning is necessary. End-users of this system can use forecast information and anomalous data to enhance the efficiency of energy usage in their buildings especially during peak times by adjusting the operating schedule of their appliances and electrical equipment.