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A critical review on anti-angiogenic property of phytochemicals

Rajasekar, Janani, Perumal, Madan Kumar, Vallikannan, Baskaran
The Journal of nutritional biochemistry 2019 v.71 pp. 1-15
adverse effects, angiogenesis, cost effectiveness, dietary nutrient sources, disease prevention, drugs, metabolic diseases, neoplasms, phytochemicals, retinal diseases, therapeutics, vascular endothelial growth factors
Angiogenesis, a process involved in neovascularization, has been found to be associated with several metabolic diseases like cancer, retinopathy etc. Thus, currently, the focus on anti-angiogenic therapy for treatment and prevention of diseases has gained significant attention. Currently available Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved drugs are targeting either vascular endothelial growth factor or it’s receptor, but in the long term, these approaches were shown to cause several side effects and the chances of developing resistance to these drugs is also high. Therefore, identification of safe and cost-effective anti-angiogenic molecules is highly imperative. Over the past decades, dietary based natural compounds have been studied for their anti-angiogenic potential which provided avenues in improving the angiogenesis based therapy. In this review, major emphasis is given to the molecular mechanism behind anti-angiogenic effect of natural compounds from dietary sources.