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Biosynthesis of nerol from glucose in the metabolic engineered Escherichia coli

Zong, Zhen, Hua, Qingsong, Tong, Xinyu, Li, Dongsheng, Wang, Chao, Guo, Daoyi, Liu, Zhijie
Bioresource technology 2019 v.287 pp. 121410
Escherichia coli, biosynthesis, catalytic activity, enzymes, gene overexpression, genes, glucose, metabolic engineering, nerol
In this study, nerol was biosynthesized in the metabolic engineered Escherichia coli from glucose for the first time. Firstly, the truncated neryl diphosphate synthase gene tNDPS1 was expressed that catalyzes isopentenyl diphosphate (IPP) and dimethylallyl diphosphate (DMAPP) to form neryl diphosphate (NPP), and then the nerol synthase gene GmNES was co-expressed to synthesize the final product nerol from NPP. The engineered strain LZ001 accumulated 0.053 ± 0.015 mg/L of nerol. Secondly, the IDI1, MVD1, ERG8, ERG12, tHMG1 and ERG13 were co-expressed to increase the supply of IPP and DMAPP. Finally, the heterologous ERG10 gene was overexpressed, and the recombinant strain LZ005 produced 1.564 ± 0.102 mg/L of nerol in shaking-flask culture, which represents a 29.51-fold increase over LZ001 strain. This study shows the novel method for the biosynthesis of nerol and provides new metabolic engineering strategy for the production of terpenoids.