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Ornithodoros (Ornithodoros) huajianensis sp. nov. (Acari, argasidae), a new tick species from the Mongolian marmot (Marmota bobak sibirica), Gansu province in China

Sun, Yi, Xu, Rongman, Liu, Zengjia, Wu, Mingyu, Qin, Tong
International journal for parasitology 2019 v.9 pp. 209-217
Marmota, Ornithodoros, adults, females, geographical distribution, hosts, male genitalia, males, new species, nymphs, phylogeny, ticks, tongue, villages, China
A new argasid species, belonging to the subgenus Ornithodoros, namely, Ornithodoros (Ornithodoros) huajianensis was described for the first time based on the females, males and nymphs. The morphological features of each stage in the life cycle are unique, making identification easy, but are similar to other species of the subgenus Ornithodoros. The new species was diagnosed by the broad rectangular tongue and triangular tongue-shaped posterior lip in the male genital apron, a shallow camerostome with definite folds and smaller mammillae with single seta mixed with larger ones in nymph and adults. The new species had been collected from the Mongolian marmots Marmota bobak sibirica in Huajian village, Gulang county, Gansu province, China. Data on the phylogenic position, hosts and geographic distribution are also provided.