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Multi-dimensional dynamic fuzzy monitoring model for the effect of water pollution treatment

Li, Huimin, Cao, Yongchao, Su, Limin
Environmental monitoring and assessment 2019 v.191 no.6 pp. 352
dynamic models, lakes, monitoring, pollutants, water pollution, China
The rapid development of the economy in China resulted in increasingly serious water pollution problem. A lot of water pollution treatment projects have been launched to improve the water environment quality. Water pollution treatment is a complex and long-term task. Considering the concept of water pollution with fuzziness and the factors affecting the effect of water pollution treatment (EWPT), this study constructs a multi-dimensional dynamic fuzzy comprehensive monitoring model. The model considers the vague boundaries in the representation of water pollution and various factors affecting the treatment effect, such as monitoring time, monitoring index, and monitoring location. In detail, firstly, existing methods for evaluating the EWPT are analyzed and reviewed. Then a multi-dimensional dynamic model is developed for monitoring the EWPT. Finally, the Yueya Lake of Henan Province in China is taken as an example to demonstrate the effectiveness and practicability of the proposed method. From the analysis of the results, to maintain the cleanliness of the water, efforts should still be made to eliminate and completely block the pollutants on the shore in order to fundamentally solve the problem.