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Fundamental Issues of Environmental Education and the Impact of Socio-Economic Development on Public Health, in Globalization Context

Amalia-Gianina, Străteanu, Stan, Simona Nicoleta, Ciornei, Laurenţiu
The Annals of "Valahia" University of Târgovişte 2019 v.13 no.1 pp. 29-33
crime, environmental education, globalization, humans, life skills, lifestyle, public health, resource management, society, socioeconomic development
Education, in general, and environmental education, in special, is salvation and future of mankind, contributing by reorientation and interdisciplinarity of education to strengthening in values, behavior and lifestyles required for sustainable future development. The ecological and economic implications of better use of information on sustainable resource management lead to the development of perspectives, knowledge and skills that are so vital to environmental education (life skills education). Unfortunately, environmental criminality has reached fourth place in the category of illicit activities at the international level. Therefore, detailed knowledge of the relationship between economic fundaments, society and the environment is strictly necessary in order to understand the values that we want to reach, the effect on performance for identifying and promoting quality criteria. These criteria help the development of a toolkit and techniques needed to increase competences and creativity, in the context of opportunities, challenges and barriers imposed by environmental security. Public health, without an adequate living environment, cannot exist and for this reason, a global effort is mandatory to raise awareness and education of the population to fight against environmental crime on our planet.