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Metazoan parasites of common sole (Solea solea) and scaldfish (Arnoglossus laterna) (Pleuronectiformes) from Sinop coast of Black Sea

Güven, A., Öztürk, T.
Helminthologia 2019 v.56 no.2 pp. 132-140
Acanthocephala, Arnoglossus laterna, Capillaria, Cestoda, Hysterothylacium aduncum, Isopoda, Opecoelidae, Solea solea, coasts, parasites, Black Sea
The metazoan parasites were investigated of two flatfish the common sole, Solea solea (n:140) and the scaldfish, Arnoglossus laterna (n: 22) in the Sinop coast of Black Sea from June 2015 to June 2017. A total of 15 metazoan parasite species belonging to Digenea (6), Cestoda (3), Acanthocephala (1), Nematoda (4) and Isopoda (1) taxonomic groups were identified. Solea solea was found to be infected by Condylocotyla pilodora, Proctoeces maculatus, Opecoelidae gen. sp., Metadena sp., Stephanostomum sp., Progrillotia sp., Capillaria gracilis, Cucullanus campanae, Solearhynchus rhytidotes and Nerocila orbignyi. Arnoglossus laterna was found to be infected by Lecithochirium musculus and Grillotia erinaceus. Scolex pleuronectis, Hysterothylacium aduncum and Dichelyne minutus were determined in both flatfish. Infection prevalence and mean intensity values were re- corded for each parasite species. Infection values for each parasite species in relation to season and fish size were also determined and compared as comparatively. This study is the first one assessing the metazoan parasites both of S. solea and A. laterna collected from the Turkish coast of Black Sea. While Condylocotyle pilodora and Capillaria gracilis are new parasite records for S. solea, Grillotia erinecaus is new parasite record for A. laterna. Moreover, this paper is the first report on occurrence of Opecoelidae gen. sp., Metadena and Stephanostomum genera in S. solea.