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A Simple Estimation of Seed Viability and Emergence Potential in Sugar Beet

Kulan, Engin Gökhan, Takil, Esra Dilara, Kaya, Mehmet Demir
Sugar tech 2019 v.21 no.3 pp. 532-535
electrical conductivity, germination, plant growth inhibitors, seedling emergence, seeds, soaking, sugar beet, viability
The electrical conductivity (EC) test was investigated to predict the seed viability and emergence potential of sugar beet because germination inhibitors mislead the precise results of standard germination test. The EC test was conducted at three incubation durations in 12 seed lots. Simple correlation coefficients were calculated to show the relationship between EC results and seedling emergence. The results showed that a considerable increase in EC results was observed when soaking duration was prolonged. The seed lots with low emergence percentage resulted in higher EC value. All the relationships with EC results were negative and significant. The EC results gave higher correlation coefficient for emergence than that of germination percentage. The highest correlation coefficients (r = − 0.854** in germination, r = − 0.908** in emergence) were calculated for 24 h, while the shorter soaking durations were also given significant correlations. The fitted regression formula between EC and emergence was calculated as y = 298 − 0.984x with determination coefficient R² = 0.82**. It was concluded that the EC test for 24 h should be successfully applied to evaluate the seed viability and emergence potential of sugar beet seeds.