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The effect of timing of extended photoperiod on growth and maturity of brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis)

Lundova, Katsiaryna, Matousek, Jan, Prokesova, Marketa, Sebesta, Roman, Policar, Tomas, Stejskal, Vlastimil
Aquaculture research 2019 v.50 no.6 pp. 1697-1704
Salvelinus fontinalis, animal growth, fish, light emitting diodes, photoperiod, rearing, sexual maturity, survival rate
The influence of timing of extended photoperiods on growth and maturity of brook trout was investigated in a 112‐day experiment. The fish with mean initial weight of ~192 g were reared under four light regimes: one control group with natural ambient photoperiod and three groups exposed to an 18L:6D regime initiated at days 1, 23 or 46 of the growth trial. Light‐emitting diodes, with intensity of 250–1000 lux, depending on the distance from the light source, were used for extending light periods. There was a positive effect of prolonged day length on fish growth (p < 0.05), and a delay in gonad development and sexual maturity. Significantly higher numbers of sexually mature fish were found among controls groups, regardless of sex. Survival rate was not affected by light regime. This study demonstrated that the short‐term expansion of the photo period delayed maturation and increased the growth rate of brook trout.