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Evaluation of a graded exercise test to determine peak fat oxidation in individuals with low cardiorespiratory fitness

Chrzanowski-Smith, Oliver J., Edinburgh, Robert M., Betts, James A., Stokes, Keith A., Gonzalez, Javier T.
Applied physiology, nutrition and metabolism 2018 v.43 no.12 pp. 1288-1297
adults, cardiorespiratory fitness, exercise, exercise test, females, gas exchange, gases, lipid metabolism, oxygen consumption
The maximal capacity to utilise fat (peak fat oxidation, PFO) may have implications for health and ultra-endurance performance and is commonly determined by incremental exercise tests employing 3-min stages. However, 3-min stages may be insufficient to attain steady-state gas kinetics, compromising test validity. We assessed whether 4-min stages produce steady-state gas exchange and reliable PFO estimates in adults with peak oxygen consumption < 40 mL·kg⁻¹·min⁻¹. Fifteen participants (9 females) completed a graded test to determine PFO and the intensity at which this occurred (FATMAX). Three short continuous exercise sessions (SCE) were then completed in a randomised order, involving completion of the graded test to the stage (i) preceding, (ii) equal to (SCEₑqᵤₐₗ), or (iii) after the stage at which PFO was previously attained, whereupon participants then continued to cycle for 10 min at that respective intensity. Expired gases were sampled at minutes 3–4, 5–6, 7–8, and 9–10. Individual data showed steady-state gas exchange was achieved within 4 min during SCEₑqᵤₐₗ. Mean fat oxidation rates were not different across time within SCEₑqᵤₐₗ nor compared with the graded test at FATMAX (both p > 0.05). However, the graded test displayed poor surrogate validity (SCEₑqᵤₐₗ, minutes 3–4 vs. 5–6, 7–8, and 9–10) and day-to-day reliability (minutes 3–4, SCEₑqᵤₐₗ vs. graded test) to determine PFO, as evident by correlations (range: 0.47–0.83) and typical errors and 95% limits of agreement (ranges: 0.03–0.05 and ±0.09–0.15 g·min⁻¹, respectively). In conclusion, intraindividual variation in PFO is substantial despite 4-min stages establishing steady-state gas exchange in individuals with low fitness. Individual assessment of PFO may require multiple assessments.