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Apple as sugar substitute in cake

Stavale, Maitê Dafhne Oliveira, Assunção Botelho, Raquel B., Zandonadi, Renata Puppin
Journal of culinary science & technology 2019 v.17 no.3 pp. 224-231
apples, bioactive compounds, cakes, color, dietary fiber, fiber content, flavor, food composition, fruits, healthy eating habits, hedonic scales, lipids, nutrient content, sensory evaluation, sugarcane, sugars, texture
The reduction of sugar in food is important for healthy eating without drastically changing eating habits. Fruits can contribute to sweetener the flavor and it can also improve the fiber content and the bioactive compounds, contributing to turn the product healthier. The aims of this study were to evaluate apple as sugar substitute in cake and to analyze nutritional and sensorial aspects. The nutritional composition was evaluated based on the Brazilian Food Composition Table. The sensory analysis was conducted with 9-point hedonic scale. Apples’ puree replacing sugar turned the cake healthier due to the reduction on TEV, lipid and carbohydrates content. It also increased the dietary fiber. There were differences on color, flavor and texture between cakes mean acceptance, but the overall quality means were not statistically different showing the possibility of sugar cane exclusion. Flavor, texture and overall quality of modified samples presented good acceptance by the tasters.