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Fruit jellies enriched with dietary fibre: Development and characterization of a novel functional food product

Figueroa, Lilian E., Genovese, Diego B.
Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft + [i.e. und] Technologie 2019 v.111 pp. 423-428
apples, bamboos, cold storage, color, dietary fiber, flavor, fruits, functional foods, gel strength, gels, jellies, mechanical properties, mouthfeel, psyllium gum, texture, viscoelasticity, wheat
A novel functional food product, fruit jelly enriched with dietary fibre, was developed and characterized in this work. With that aim, 3 g of fibre of different varieties (apple A, bamboo B, psyllium P and wheat W) were added per 100 g of final product, so that it could be declared source of fibre. Fibre addition had a significant effect on the viscoelastic and mechanical properties, colour and syneresis (water loss) of the jellies, although these properties did not change after 30 days of cold storage, meaning that the product was stable. Fibre addition had a reinforcing effect on the gel strenght in the order: A > P > B > W. Psyllium enriched jelly was the only sample that did not show any syneresis, but it showed an undesirable high gumminess. Also, samples B and W left a “floury” mouthfeel. These undesired organoleptic properties were significantly reduced by combining psyllium with each one of the other fibre varieties in 1:1 proportion. Also, the presence of psyllium in these combinations eliminated syneresis of the samples. Therefore, the developed product showed acceptable attributes such as gel strength, texture, stability, appearance and flavour.