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Thermo and alkali stable β-mannanase: Characterization and application for removal of food (mannans based) stain

Singh, Saumya, Singh, Gursharan, Khatri, Madhu, Kaur, Anupreet, Arya, Shailendra Kumar
International journal of biological macromolecules 2019 v.134 pp. 536-546
Klebsiella pneumoniae, beta-mannosidase, detergents, foods, laundry, mannans, molecular weight, pH, temperature
The present work aims to characterize thermo and alkali stable β-mannanase (ManSS11) from newly isolated Klebsiella pneumoniae SS11 and its food stain (mannan based) removal efficiency. The enzyme, ManSS11 was stable over a wide range of pH and temperature. The highest activity of ManSS11 was observed at pH 9.0 and temperature, 70 °C, with t1/2 of 135.91 min at the same temperature while, >70% of its initial activity was retained at pH 7.0–10.6. It was purified to 5.50-fold homogeneity with a final recovery of 9.6% and a specificity of 7573.57 U/mg protein. Purified ManSS11 was visible as a single protein band with a molecular weight of ~45 kDa. The kinetic parameters of Km, Vmax and kcat were 1.66 mg/mL, 833.33 μmolmL−1 min−1 and 1190.47 s−1 respectively. The compatibility of β-mannanase with different detergents together with wash performance test confirmed its potential usability in laundry sector. Wash performance analysis confirmed that the enzyme displayed great efficiency in the removal of stains caused by mannan containing foods.