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Preparation and characterization of emulsion stabilized by octenyl succinic anhydride-modified dextrin for improving storage stability and curcumin encapsulation

Pan, Yi, Wu, Zhengzong, Zhang, Bao, Li, Xiao-Min, Meng, Ran, Chen, Han-Qing, Jin, Zheng-Yu
Food chemistry 2019 v.294 pp. 326-332
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, anhydrides, confocal laser scanning microscopy, curcumin, dextrins, droplet size, droplets, emulsifiers, emulsifying, emulsions, encapsulation, esterification, food industry, oils, particle size, starch, storage quality, zeta potential
In our study, octenyl succinic anhydride (OSA)-modified dextrin was prepared and characterized as a novel emulsifier to improve the stability of emulsion and curcumin encapsulation. Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy demonstrated the occurrence of esterification between OSA and dextrin (Mw = 1.041 × 104 g/mol). The absolute value of ζ-potential of OSA-dextrin increased (from 25.37 mV to 34.57 mV) with increasing OSA addition (from 0% to 8%), and then kept constant. Confocal laser scanning microscope results showed that the debranching and esterification of starch improved the oil droplets distribution and reduced the droplet size of emulsions. The emulsifying stability of emulsions coated by dextrin was greatly improved with OSA modification. The particle size of emulsion decreased significantly when the addition of OSA increased during storage. OSA-modified dextrin was in a position to increase encapsulation efficiency of curcumin. This research may increase the utilization of emulsions stabilized by OSA dextrin in food industry.