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Increasing DNA content for cost-effective oil production in Parachlorella kessleri

You, Zaizhi, Zhang, Qi, Miao, Xiaoling
Bioresource technology 2019 v.285 pp. 121332
DNA, Parachlorella kessleri, biomass, cell growth, cost effectiveness, harvesting, lipid content, lipids, microalgae, oils, salt stress
The aim of this work was to study salt stress effects on DNA content and oil production processes integrating harvesting, lipid accumulation and oil extraction. Salt-induced enlargement of Parachlorella kessleri cells, with increasing content of DNA and neutral lipid were found. The 34.77% neutral lipid content and biomass concentration of 0.83 g L−1 were obtained after 7 days of salt treatment, compared with that of 13.57% and 0.89 g L−1 cultivated under normal condition. Sedimentation efficiency increased markedly from 15% to 90% due to the cell enlargement. Disruption fraction and the recovery rate of total lipids of wet cells under salt stress were significantly higher than that of normal conditions (100% and 82.4% for salt stress vs.76.8% and 51.1% for normal conditions). This work demonstrated that salt-induced increase in cell size and DNA content was an effective strategy for the enhancement of oil production, microalgae harvesting and oil extraction.