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Continuous cultivation of Arthrospira platensis for phycocyanin production in large-scale outdoor raceway ponds using microfiltered culture medium

Yu, Jiajia, Hu, Hancui, Wu, Xiaodan, Wang, Congchun, Zhou, Ting, Liu, Yuhuan, Ruan, Roger, Zheng, Hongli
Bioresource technology 2019 v.287 pp. 121420
Arthrospira platensis, algae culture, bacteria, biomass production, culture media, microalgae, microbial communities, microfiltration, photosynthesis, phycocyanin, ponds
In the present study, the effect of filtrating algal culture medium for reuse by using microfiltration membranes on microalgal growth, microbiological contamination, and phycocyanin production of Arthrospira platensis was investigated. Results showed that microfiltered culture medium affected microalgal growth, microbiological contamination, and phycocyanin production of A. platensis significantly. Microfiltered culture medium could enhance biomass production, photosynthesis, and phycocyanin accumulation and decrease microbiological contamination during continuous cultivation of A. platensis compared to the control. The profile of microbial communities, which contained the 10 phyla of microorganisms including bacteria and microzooplanktons, was identified for the first time for industrial algae systems of A. platensis with extreme conditions (salt-alkaline stress conditions). The application of the established strategy can enhance phycocyanin production of A. platensis while mitigating microbiological contamination.