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Hydro-environmental safety as an indicator of recreational attractiveness of regions – A case of Russian part of the transboundary Altai

Chernova, Evgenia O., Sukhova, Maria G., Zhuravleva, Olga V., Karanin, Andrey V., Minaev, Aleksandr I.
International journal of ecohydrology & hydrobiology 2019 v.19 no.3 pp. 452-463
climate, geomorphology, health tourism, landscapes, sports, tourists, water resources, Russia
Among the natural prerequisites that affect the recreational appeal of the region, along with the geomorphological, landscape and biological features of the terrain, the hydroclimatic conditions of the region play a decisive role. The paper analyses the hydroclimatic features of the Russian part of the transboundary Altai and their impact on the prospects for recreational use of the region. It contains the analysis of the literature data on the climate and hydrology of the region supplemented with the results of the author's field studies. The hydro-environmental tension for each natural and recreational area was established. The data were compared with an assessment of the recreational attractiveness of the region's water resources. The results of the research can be used at the stage of the creation of tourist and recreational projects, when developing and carrying out the excursion, ecological and sports activities, as well as and health tourism.