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Candidate genes coding for odorant binding proteins and chemosensory proteins identified from dissected antennae and mouthparts of the southern green stink bug Nezara viridula

Wu, Zhong-Zhen, Cui, Yang, Qu, Meng-Qiu, Lin, Jia-Hao, Chen, Ming-Shun, Bin, Shu-Ying, Lin, Jin-Tian
Comparative biochemistry and physiology 2019 v.31 pp. 100594
Nezara viridula, antennae, binding proteins, chemical ecology, crops, insects, mouthparts, odor compounds, pest control, pests, quantitative polymerase chain reaction, reproduction, transcriptome, unigenes
The southern green stink bug Nezara viridula (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) is a highly polyphagous pest that can significantly impact many major crops worldwide. Insect odorant binding proteins (OBPs) and chemosensory proteins (CSPs) transport chemicals and play critical roles in chemoreception. Studies on N. viridula OBPs and CSPs should increase our overall understandings on chemosensory systems and chemical ecology of stink bugs, which may lead to improved pest control. In this study, we identified candidate genes encoding putative OBPs and CSPs in N. viridula by generating transcriptomes from dissected antennae and mouthparts. In total, the 42 unigenes were identified coding for OBPs (34 Classic OBPs and eight Plus-C OBPs) and 13 unigenes coding for CSPs. Expression profiles of OBP- and CSP -encoding genes were compared between antennae and mouthparts based on FKPM values. Candidates for antenna-predominant OBPs and CSPs were selected for real-time quantitative PCR analyses. Analyses of tissue expression profiles revealed that 17 OBP-encoding genes, and four CSP genes were primarily expressed in antennae, suggesting their putative roles in perception of volatiles. The sex-biased expression patterns of these antenna-predominant genes suggested that they may have important functions in reproduction of the insect. This is a systematic analysis on OBPs and CSPs in a stink bug, providing a comprehensive resource for future functional studies not only for N. viridula, but also for other stink bugs as well.