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Introduction to the International Symposium on Chemistry, Flavor, and Health Effects of Tea

Li, Daxiang, Wang, Yu, Zhang, Zhengzhu, Wan, Xiaochun, Ho, Chi-Tang
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2019 v.67 no.19 pp. 5303-5305
chemical constituents of plants, chemistry, flavor, food chemistry, health effects assessments, metabolomics, polyphenols, public speaking, tea, tea (beverage), China, Europe
A symposium entitled “Chemistry, Flavor, and Health Effects of Tea” was held at the 256th American Chemical Society (ACS) Meeting in August 2018 in Boston, MA, U.S.A., and was sponsored by the ACS Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and the International Joint Laboratory on Tea Chemistry and Health Effects, Anhui Agricultural University, China. The purpose of the symposium was to bring together the leading tea researchers throughout the world to discuss the current state of knowledge as well as research needs with respect to chemistry and health beneficial properties of tea. Speakers from North America, Europe, and Asia delivered a total of 35 oral presentations. The presentations covered such diverse topics as polyphenol chemistry and flavor chemistry of tea, metabolomics application to identify the changes of phytochemical composition during processing, and health beneficial effects of drinking tea. This paper is intended to provide a brief summary of the presentations.