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Ultra-high energy-storage density and fast discharge speed of (Pb₀.₉₈₋ₓLa₀.₀₂Srₓ)(Zr₀.₉Sn₀.₁)₀.₉₉₅O₃ antiferroelectric ceramics prepared via the tape-casting method

Liu, Xiaohui, Li, Yong, Hao, Xihong
Journal of materials chemistry A 2019 v.7 no.19 pp. 11858-11866
ceramics, dielectrics, electric field, electrical equipment, energy density, energy efficiency
Inspired by the increasing demand for high energy-storage capacitors in electronic and electrical systems, the development of dielectrics with high energy-storage performance has attracted much attention recently. Here, a record-high recoverable energy-storage density of 11.18 J cm⁻³ and a high energy efficiency of 82.2% are realized in (Pb₀.₉₈–ₓLa₀.₀₂Srₓ)(Zr₀.₉Sn₀.₁)₀.₉₉₅O₃ (PLSZS) antiferroelectric ceramics prepared using the tape-casting method. Sr²⁺-doping and the tape-casting method give rise to a colossal increase in breakdown strength and switching of the electric field between the antiferroelectric and ferroelectric phase, which are responsible for the excellent energy-storage properties. Furthermore, with respect to the discharge performance, the antiferroelectric PLSZS ceramics exhibit a high discharge energy density of 8.6 J cm⁻³, and fast discharge speed where 90% of the stored energy could be released in 185 ns. This study opens up a promising and feasible route for designing high energy-storage materials via an appropriate element doping and fabricating method, and more importantly, gives PLSZS antiferroelectric ceramics an unexpected role with potential for application in high-power pulsed capacitors.