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Chloropelix canariensis Lindberg and Balclutha brevis Lindberg (Auchenorrhyncha, Cicadellidae) two new leafhoppers to continental Europe, with a review of the alien Auchenorrhyncha species established in the continent

D’Urso, Vera, Sánchez, Iñigo, Bella, Salvatore
Phytoparasitica 2019 v.47 no.2 pp. 163-178
Balclutha, Delphacidae, Flatidae, Issidae, Membracidae, Pennisetum setaceum, adults, host plants, immatures, insect pests, introduced species, ornamental plants, surveys, Canary Islands, Spain
During a recent survey on insect pests of ornamental plants in Spain, the leafhoppers Chloropelix canariensis Lindberg 1936 and Balclutha brevis Lindberg 1954 (Hemiptera, Cicadellidae) were found. These species, described from Canary Island, are recorded here for the first time from Spain and continental Europe. Adults and immature stages of C. canariensis and B. brevis have been found associated with Pennisetum setaceum (Forsskal) Chiovenda (Poaceae) practically all the year round. Emergence period of the adults, morphological features, and some biological notes are provided to C. canariensis. Furthermore, a review is given on alien Auchenorrhyncha species introduced in Europe. From literature, 30 species have been accidentally introduced, representatives of the following seven families: Delphacidae (1 sp.), Issidae (1 sp.), Acanaloniidae (1 sp.), Flatidae (1 sp.), Ricaniidae (3 spp.), Membracidae (1 sp.), Cicadellidae (22 spp.). Four species previously erroneously or equivocally cited for Europe as alien species must be excluded from the list. Details on the first record and country in Europe, the year of publication of the first record, original distribution, current distribution and host plants are given for each species.