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Formation of highly ordered micro fillers in polymeric matrix by electro-field-assisted aligning

Zhang, Yajun, Zheng, Xiangwen, Jiang, Weitao, Han, Jie, Pu, Jiangtao, Wang, Lanlan, Lei, Biao, Chen, Bangdao, Shi, Yongsheng, Yin, Lei, Liu, Hongzhong, Luo, Feng, Liu, Xiaokang, Chen, Jinju
RSC advances 2019 v.9 no.27 pp. 15238-15245
anisotropy, electric field, microparticles, nanocomposites, polymers
Nanocomposites composed by polymeric matrix with micro/nano fillers have drawn lots of attention since their dramatic properties beyond pristine polymers. The spatial distribution of the micro/nano fillers in the polymeric matrix determines the final desired properties of the nanocomposites, thus deserves to investigate. Here, we proposed an effective method of assembling the micro/nano fillers to pre-designed patterns within the polymeric matrix by AC-electro-field-assisted aligning. By pre-designed AC electric fields which could be dynamically controllable, the distribution of microparticles (acting as fillers) in the matrix was tuned to various patterns related to the electric fields, such as linear alignment and circular alignment. The field-oriented particles chains could act as endoskeletal structures, showing unique properties (i.e., mechanical, optical, and anisotropic properties) beyond those of the conventional composites with randomly distributed particles.