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Effect of pomegranate juice and fir honey addition on the rheological and sensory properties of kefir-type products differing in their fat content

Dimitreli, Georgia, Petridis, Dimitris, Kapageridis, Nikolaos, Mixiou, Maria
Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft + [i.e. und] Technologie 2019 v.111 pp. 799-808
acidity, color, fermentation, honey, kefir, lactic acid, lipid content, modulus of elasticity, pH, pomegranate juice, sensory evaluation, sweetness, viscosity
The post fermentation addition of fir honey and pomegranate juice on the physicochemical, rheological and sensory characteristics of kefir-type products at different fat concentrations was studied. Increasing the added pomegranate juice concentrations resulted to lower pH and L* values, while a*, acidity (lactic acid concentration) and flow behavior index (n) was shown to increase. Low fat content favored Newtonian behavior and decreased elastic modulus (G'), while as its concentration increased the samples exhibited a more pronounced pseudoplastic behavior along with increased brightness and elasticity. Honey addition reduced L* and increased n, whilst due to its interaction with fat a more pronounced effect of fat on the elasticity of the samples was observed. Sensory analysis showed honey addition to reduce red color intensity and acidity, increasing at the same time viscosity and sweetness. The viscosity of the samples increased concomitantly with the fat content up to a concentration of 2.5% but its further increase up to 3.5% exhibited the opposite effect on viscosity. Similarly, pomegranate juice addition in kefir, at concentrations ≤5%, favored a viscosity increase but with higher concentrations having the opposite result.