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Disposable pipette extraction for gas chromatographic determination of codeine, morphine, and 6-monoacetylmorphine in vitreous humor

Kovatsi, Leda, Rentifis, Konstantinos, Giannakis, Dimitrios, Njau, Samuel, Samanidou, Victoria
Journal of separation science 2011 v.34 no.14 pp. 1716-1721
blood, codeine, gas chromatography, morphine, pretreatment, solid phase extraction, urine
The availability of a sensitive and rapid analytical method for the determination of opiates, and other substances of forensic interest, in a variety of biological specimens is of utmost importance to forensic laboratories. Solid-phase extraction is very popular in the pre-treatment of forensic samples. Nevertheless, a new approach, disposable pipette extraction (DPX), is gaining increasing interest in sample preparation. DPX has already been applied to the analysis of drugs of abuse in common biological matrices, such as urine and blood, but has not yet been evaluated on alternative biological samples, such as vitreous humor. The objective of this study was to evaluate the applicability of DPX on the analysis of opiates in vitreous humor. The currently developed method is fast, reliable, and easy to perform. The sensitivity, precision, and accuracy are satisfactory. Recoveries obtained are within the range of 72-91%, whereas the sample volume of vitreous humor required is only 100 μL.