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Liposome and immune system interplay: Challenges and potentials

Zahednezhad, Fahimeh, Saadat, Maryam, Valizadeh, Hadi, Zakeri-Milani, Parvin, Baradaran, Behzad
Journal of controlled release 2019 v.305 pp. 194-209
blood, drugs, hypersensitivity, immune system, receptors, vaccination
Liposome as a revolutionizing carrier, has exhibited favorable aspects in drug delivery. However, there are numerous challenges affecting its effectiveness. Hypersensitivity, accelerated blood clearance, opsonization, uptake by reticulo-endothelial system, and also immune suppression are known as the dominant manifestations of immune-related effects. They may cause failure to achieve the proof of regulatory approvals. In this review, liposome challenges in biologic environment have been discussed. Moreover, opsonization and liposome interactions with innate and acquired immune system have been investigated. Immune system elements including the corresponding receptors and cells were reviewed in this regard. By exploring immune related interactions of the liposome, it could be possible for the formulators to be aware of the immune related interactions of the administered liposomal formulation. On the other hand, immune targeted liposomes for immunotherapy and vaccination purposes could also be developed.