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Multiple bimetallic (Al-La or Fe-La) hydroxides embedded in cellulose/graphene hybrids for uptake of fluoride with phosphate surroundings

Guo, Yali, Xing, Xu, Shang, Yanan, Gao, Baoyu, Zhang, Lei, Yue, Qinyan, Qian, Li, Wang, Zihang
Journal of hazardous materials 2019 v.379 pp. 120634
adsorption, cellulose, fluorides, graphene, hydroxides, iron oxides, lanthanum oxide, pH, phosphates
To insight into the selective adsorption mechanism of fluoride in the bimetallic system, Fe-La or Al-La composites were comparatively embedded onto the cellulose/graphene hybrids (CG hybrids) to fabricate the Fe-La@CG hybrids or Al-La@CG hybrids for fluoride uptake with existing phosphate. The results showed that Al-La@CG hybrids were mainly in the amorphous nature, while Fe-La@CG hybrids have the identical diffraction peaks as compared with those of hydrated lanthanum oxides (HLO) and hydrated iron oxides (HFO). Fluoride capture by Al-La@CG and Fe-La@CG hybrids followed the similar tendencies with the pH altering, but the adsorption performance of Al-La@CG hybrids was better than that of Fe-La@CG hybrids at the same pH levels. Adsorption of fluoride onto Al-La@CG hybrids exhibited less sensitivity and high selectivity with existing phosphate as compared with that of Fe-La@CG hybrids, which further indicated that the Al-La@CG hybrids were more preferable for fluoride adsorption. The fraction areas of La-F and Al-F accounted for 79.1 % and 20.9%, which indicated that the fluoride onto the Al-La@CG hybrids was mainly based on the La species. Similarly, La-F in exhausted Fe-La@CG hybrids accounted for 55.6%, higher than that (44.4%) of Fe-F.