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Exergy analysis and performance evaluation of a newly developed integrated energy system for quenchable generation

Ishaq, H., Dincer, I.
Energy 2019 v.179 pp. 1191-1204
air, ammonia, cement, equations, exergy, heat, models, oxygen production, slags, steam
This paper presents an innovative use of waste heat recovered from a cement slag for multigeneration purposes, including power, ammonia, heat, hot water and oxygen production. A novel approach of ammonia production is employed in this study. The proposed system consists of four major subsystems; copper-chlorine (Cu-Cl) cycle, cryogenic Air Separation Unit (ASU), ammonia synthesis reactor and two steam Rankine cycles. The Aspen plus 9.0 version is employed for modeling and simulation of the proposed system. A comparative study is also conducted considering the different CuCl cycle based integrated systems for multigenerational purpose with numerous energy sources. The parametric studies are carried out by varying parameters, namely flow rate, compressor and turbine discharge pressures and ammonia reactor conversion rate. The exergy analysis is comprehensively conducted for each of the system components through exergy balance equations and exergy efficiencies. The overall exergy efficiency of the designed system is found to be 36.1%. Further results are also presented and discussed.