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Evaluation of the Suchey–Brooks age estimation method in a white South African population

Joubert, L.C., Briers, N., Meyer, A.
Forensic science international 2019 v.301 pp. e14
Whites, females, humans, males, skeleton, South Africa
Several studies have indicated that the time of onset of specific age-related changes throughout the human skeleton differs between populations. In this study the well-known Suchey–Brooks pubic symphyseal age estimation method was investigated to assess its performance in a white South African population. A total of 184 well-preserved os coxae were subjected to blind phase analysis, using the Suchey–Brooks descriptions and pubic symphyseal casts. The method performed well in a white South African population with statistically significant moderate positive correlations and relatively low biases in both males and females. However, due to the underperformance of the method in older individuals, new age ranges for phases IV through VI were created that are specific to the South African white population. This study indicated that Suchey–Brooks method can be used in a white South African population using the age ranges for phases I through III provided by Brooks and Suchey (1990), and the population specific age ranges for phase IV and V provided in this study.