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A study of food safety knowledge, practice and training among food handlers in Ireland

Gruenfeldova, Julie, Domijan, Katarina, Walsh, Ciara
Food control 2019 v.105 pp. 131-140
allergens, compliance, food handling, food safety education, hygiene, Ireland
Food safety knowledge, practice and training were examined among 689 food workers in Ireland. Parameters such as role, years worked, level of food safety training acquired, and establishment were all found to have a significant effect (p-values <0.01) on knowledge score. It is notable that 28% of all respondents claimed ‘never’ to have received food safety training, suggesting insufficient compliance with this legislative requirement. Notably, absence of training only accounted for 1% of all canteen workers surveyed. In addition, individuals working in canteens were found to have the highest knowledge score (81%) and the highest percentage of level 3 training (60%). Respondents were asked a series of questions relating to operational prerequisite hygiene requirements such as working while unwell, critical limits, food allergens and hand hygiene. This study highlights the value of food safety training and elucidates potential areas for improvement.