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Debottlenecking of biomass element deficiency in a multiperiod supply chain system via element targeting approach

Lim, Chun Hsion, How, Bing Shen, Ng, Wendy Pei Qin, Lam, Hon Loong
Journal of cleaner production 2019 v.230 pp. 751-766
bioenergy, biomass, case studies, models, raw materials, supply chain, value-added products
The global trend is moving towards practising sustainability. Various renewable resources have been discovered and promoted to substitute non-renewable consumables. Biomass is identified to be one promising renewable resource for value-added products and bioenergy generation. Despite the promising potential of biomass utilisation, biomass processors are facing challenges to secure constant supply of raw material due to the seasonal and fluctuation availability of biomass. In this work, a biomass supply chain model considering fluctuation availability is studied and optimised using element targeting approach and multiperiod analysis. The conceptual case study proposes optimal biomass storage strategy across multiperiod of interest and highlights supply chain debottlenecking strategy by looking into biomass element deficiency within a technology's element acceptance range. The application of element targeting approach in biomass supply chain optimisation improves process feed selection and biomass utilisation from local resources.