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Inner Processes of Creation towards awareness of own worth for sustainable proposals

Syrgiannis, Christine, Zabaniotou, Anastasia, Fazenda, Ivani
Journal of cleaner production 2019 v.230 pp. 767-774
decision making, learning, society, sustainability science and engineering
The objective of this paper is to provide insights of a Workshop entitled ‘Inner Processes of Creation’ which was held at the Global Conference on Cleaner Production and Sustainable Consumption, in Barcelona, Spain, in November 2015, with further perceptions on a presentation of the topic at ARTEM Conference on Creativity and Sustainability, in Nancy, France, in Septemper 2017. The Workshop was designed to catalyze the development of perceptions and consciousness of the inner wisdom, as it emerges in self-expression, by focusing upon the processes of awakening the wisdom from within, which can help all of us achieve better understanding of our reponsibility in helping societies to live sustainably, within planetary boundaries. The Workshop included four movements, with the themes: a) creation, b) definition, c) a specific way, and d) achievement with self realization. The research envolved the interdisciplinary, autopoïetic, and complex thinking view of the subject. During the Workshop, an environment of trust was created by regarding the participants with reverence and respect to their individual rhythms. The participants experienced and catalyzed new versions and plans for creative and sustainable organizational approaches of learning and development, in an environment of trust. Participants consciousness was enlarged towards envisioning sustainable proposals, in which we need to become more actively engaged. It was concluded, that the inner knowledge can be experienced through creative, meditative, visioning processes. When effectively facilitated, this process can bring deep understanding of meaning about different issues and can support the effective decision-making towards a constructive change-making, through sustainable proposals made individually and collectivelly.