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Steam gasification of land, coastal zone and marine biomass by thermal gravimetric analyzer and a free-fall tubular gasifier: Biochars reactivity and hydrogen-rich syngas production

Li, Jie, Qiao, Yingyun, Chen, Xiaorong, Zong, Peijie, Qin, Song, Wu, Youqing, Wang, Shurong, Zhang, Huawei, Tian, Yuanyu
Bioresource technology 2019 v.289 pp. 121495
Sargassum horneri, biochar, biomass, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, coasts, corn stover, fuels, gasification, hydrogen, methane, models, reaction kinetics, steam, synthesis gas, temperature
The steam gasification properties and kinetics, products distribution and syngas composition derived from land, coastal zone and marine biomass have been studied by TGA and free-fall tubular gasifier. Volume model, shrinking core model and random pore model were applied to describe the reaction kinetics. The influence of temperature and fuel types on steam gasification in a free-fall tubular gasifier were clarified simultaneously. Results showed that gasification reactivity of reed (Re) and Sargassum horneri (Sh) chars were better than that of corn stalks (Cs) char, which mostly determined by its carbonaceous structure and the varying inorganic contents. RPM model was applied successfully to corresponding to the experimental data. Bench scale reactor test found that the steam gasification of Re gave the largest amount of gaseous product than Sh and Cs, while no liquidus formation in Sh. An increase in the temperature during gasification process boosted produced sharply total gas production yield, more yield of H2 and CO2 and less CO and CH4 from different biomass.