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Economic dispatch of multi-carrier energy systems considering intermittent resources

Daryani, Narges, Tohidi, Sajjad
Energy & environment 2019 v.30 no.2 pp. 341-362
algorithms, economic dispatch, energy
The concept of energy hub as the interface in multi-carrier energy systems has been introduced recently. This concept motivates the researchers to concentrate on multi-carrier energy systems with the purpose of achieving more efficient performance. Multi-carrier energy systems as the upcoming energy providing systems should economically operate in comparison with conventional decoupled energy systems. Economic dispatch of a multi-carrier energy system including the combined electrical-gas network with distributed resources is studied in this paper. Applying the mentioned problem to real systems leads to a large-scale nonlinear problem which should be optimized by using the optimization techniques. In this paper, adaptive group search optimization algorithm is utilized to solve the multi-carrier economic dispatch problem. The decomposing solution is implemented in order to facilitate the optimizing procedure. Additionally, the proposed method is applied to an 11-hub test system and the obtained results are analysed. The efficiency of the proposed approach is then evaluated.