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Brazil and the Politics of the Climate Change Negotiations

Johnson, Ken
TheJournal of environment & development 2001 v.10 no.2 pp. 178-206
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, deforestation, energy, forestry, global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, land use change, politics, Amazonia, Brazil
This article describes Brazil's role in the negotiations of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Brazil has a large stake in the climate change issue because some of its national economic, social, and security interests are contingent on the growth of its energy sector and development of the Amazon region. Section one provides an overview of the ongoing climate change negotiations. Section two provides background on Brazil's greenhouse gas emissions, which stem primarily from deforestation of the Amazon. Section three describes Brazil's interests and negotiating positions with respect to three key issues: (a) emissions-reduction responsibilities; (b) protocol mechanisms; and (c) land-use change and forestry. The concluding section will then assess Brazil's contributions in terms of both achieving an accord that will slow global warming and promoting Brazilian national interests.