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Analysis of distribution of precipitation duration and amounts in Legnica in the period of 1966–2015

Jakubczyk, Teresa
Journal of water and land development 2019 v.41 no.1 pp. 69-76
Weibull statistics, autumn, prediction, spring, variance
The paper presents the results of analysis of duration of precipitation sequences and the amounts of precipitation in individual sequences in Legnica. The study was aimed at an analysis of potential trends and regularities in atmospheric precipitations over the period of 1966–2015. On their basis a prediction attempt was made for trends in subsequent years. The analysis was made by fitting data to suitable distributions – the Weibull distribution for diurnal sums in sequences and the Pascal distribution for sequence durations, and then by analysing the variation of the particular indices such the mean value, variance and quartiles. The analysis was performed for five six-week periods in a year, from spring to late autumn, analysed in consecutive five-year periods. The trends of the analysed indices, observed over the fifty-year period, are not statistically significant, which indicates stability of precipitation conditions over the last half-century.