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A novel phage from periodontal pockets associated with chronic periodontitis

Zhang, Yu, Shan, Tong-Ling, Li, Fei, Yu, Tian, Chen, Xi, Deng, Xu-Tao, Delwart, Eric, Feng, Xi-Ping
Virus genes 2019 v.55 no.3 pp. 381-393
bacteria, bacteriophages, genes, genetic analysis, hosts, morphogenesis, open reading frames, patients, periodontitis, structural proteins
Bacteriophages often constitute the majority of periodontal viral communities, but phages that infect oral bacteria remain uncharacterized. Here, we present the genetic analysis of the genome of a novel siphovirus, named Siphoviridae_29632, which was isolated from a patient with periodontitis using a viral metagenomics-based approach. Among 43 predicted open reading frames (ORFs) in the genome, the viral genes encoding structural proteins were distinct from the counterparts of other viruses, although a distant homology is shared among viral morphogenesis proteins. A total of 28 predicted coding sequences had significant homology to other known phage ORF sequences. In addition, the prevalence of Siphoviridae_29632 in a cohort of patients with chronic periodontitis was 41.67%, which was significantly higher than that in the healthy group (4.55%, P < 0.001), suggesting that this virus as well as its hosts may contribute to the ecological environment favored for chronic periodontitis.