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Physicochemical characterization of blueberry (Vaccinium spp.) juices from 55 cultivars grown in Northern Spain

Madrera, R. Rodríguez, Valles, B. Suárez, Negrillo, A. Campa, Fernández, J.J. Ferreira
Acta alimentaria 2019 v.48 no.2 pp. 260-268
Vaccinium corymbosum, Vaccinium virgatum, anthocyanins, antioxidant activity, blueberries, cultivars, databases, environmental factors, fruit juices, functional properties, monitoring, pH, plant breeding, titratable acidity, total soluble solids, Spain
Blueberry (Vaccinium spp.) cultivation has experienced a notable increase both for its good organoleptic characteristics and the nutritional and functional properties of this berry. The aim of this study was the physicochemical characterization of blueberry juices obtained from 55 blueberry cultivars grown under the same environmental conditions for 2–4 years. The results provide a broad and robust database, both for the number of cultivars and the periods of monitoring thereof, in order to cover different aspects of blueberry processing, and more specifically, production of juices. Blueberries belonging to V. virgatum cultivars showed the higher values of total anthocyanin content, total phenolic content, antioxidant activity, soluble solids, and pH, and V. corymbosum cultivars the higher level of titratable acidity. Results also showed a high variability among cultivars. Observed variations can be used in plant breeding and classification of blueberry cultivars, at least, at the species level.