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Overview of diagnostic tools for Capripox virus infections

Haegeman, Andy, De Vleeschauwer, Annebel, De Leeuw, Ilse, Vidanović, Dejan, Šekler, Milanko, Petrović, Tamaš, Demarez, Céline, Lefebvre, David, De Clercq, Kris
Preventive veterinary medicine 2019 pp. 104704
Goatpox virus, Sheeppox virus, cattle, diagnostic techniques, goats, lumpy skin disease, monitoring, sheep, sheep pox, vaccines, viruses
Capripox viruses are the causative agents of important animal diseases in cattle (Lumpy Skin Disease), sheep (Sheeppox) and goats (Goatpox) with severe socio-economic impact in case of wide scale outbreaks. Therefore there is a constant need for adequate diagnostic tools. The assays must be fit-for-purpose to identify the virus quickly and correctly and to be useful for surveillance and monitoring at different stages of an epidemic. Different diagnostic performance characteristics are required depending on the situation and the test purpose. The need for high throughput, high specificity/sensitivity and the capability for differentiating field virus strains from vaccine strains drives the development of new and better assays preferably with an advantageous cost-benefit balance. This review aims to look at existing and new virological and serological diagnostic tools used in the control against diseases caused by Capripox viruses.