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Polydopamine modified polyaniline-graphene oxide composite for enhancement of corrosion resistance

Yang, Ning, Yang, Tao, Wang, Wei, Chen, Huaiyin, Li, Weihua
Journal of hazardous materials 2019 v.377 pp. 142-151
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, chemical composition, corrosion, dielectric spectroscopy, graphene oxide, hydrophobicity, moieties, nanosheets, polymers, scanning electron microscopy, steel
In this study, the composite of two-dimensional graphene oxide (GO) nanosheets and button-shaped polyaniline (PANI) was synthesized and further modified by polydopamine (PDA). The obtained PDA-PANI-GO composite was used to enhance the corrosion protection ability of nontoxic water-based alkyd varnish (WAV). The chemical composition, functional groups and surface morphologies of GO, PANI-GO and PDA-PANI-GO composites were characterized by XRD, FT-IR XPS and SEM. The anticorrosion performance was demonstrated by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy measurements and polarization tests. Due to the physical barrier effects and surface hydrophobicity of PANI-GO composite, the approaches of the caustic substances to the surface of the metal was inhibited, while the highly adhesive PDA molecules reinforced compatibility between fillers and WAV. As results, PDA-PANI-GO composite introduced WAV enhanced corrosion prevention performance. Under the optimal conditions, where the ratio of PDA to PANI-GO was kept at 2:1, the impedance values increased by over two orders of magnitude compared with bare steel.