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Effects of combining electron-beam or gamma irradiation treatments with further storage under modified atmospheres on the bioactive compounds of Tuber melanosporum truffles

Tejedor-Calvo, Eva, Morales, Diego, Marco, Pedro, Venturini, María Eugenia, Blanco, Domingo, Soler-Rivas, Cristina
Postharvest biology and technology 2019 v.155 pp. 149-155
Tuber melanosporum, ascomata, beta-glucans, bioactive compounds, chitin, ergocalciferol, ergosterol, gamma radiation, irradiation, modified atmosphere packaging, phenols, protein degradation, proteins, shelf life, truffles, yeasts
The effects of electron-beam or gamma irradiation (both applied at 1.5 kGy and 2.5 kGy) and subsequent storage under modified atmospheres (35 d at 4 °C) were evaluated on total carbohydrates, chitins, β-glucans, proteins, total phenols, sterols and ergocalciferol concentrations of Tuber melanosporum ascocarps. Irradiation procedures reduced chitin and protein concentrations and modified total phenol levels depending on the dose and irradiation type utilized. Further storage of irradiated truffles maintained the levels of all determined compounds unchanged except for the phenolic compounds and ergosterol levels that increased probably due to their yeast colonization after 21 d storage. Therefore, irradiation plus storage under modified atmosphere packings could be used as a preservation method to extent truffles quality and shelf life, but it is only recommended up to 21 d. The lower irradiation doses are encouraged to diminish protein degradation.