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How to make strategic planning for corporate sustainability?

Teixeira, Grazielle Fatima Gomes, Canciglieri Junior, Osiris
Journal of cleaner production 2019 v.230 pp. 1421-1431
business enterprises, business management, environmental sustainability, planning, product development, teams
Sustainability issues have been force companies to change how they think about their business models if they want to keep a competitive advantage. However, despite the diversity of tools for sustainable production, the integration of its concept has not yet reached a significant number of companies around the world. The reason for this is the need of more knowledge about sustainability integration’ importance to the company in the long term, the difficulty to identify the initial point to changes or the difficulty to structure this advance in the improvement process. Based on this scenario, this paper presents the Strategic Planning method for the Sustainability Integration in the Product Development Process which aims to guide, facilitate and accelerate the sustainability integration into the product development process by make changes in the business management with the support of the strategic planning and the continuous improvement process. It is a maturity method that can be applied by any type of company because of their use of a common set of evaluation parameters. The benefits from this research are the improvement, deepening, and systematization of the sustainability issues in the product development process through a maturity view of the strategic planning concept, and, the development of a new guide to assessing the companies’ strengths and weakness to drive the implementation of a shared vision between multiples teams. Also, the application of the conceptual method is presented.