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Evaluating food supply chain performance using hybrid fuzzy MCDM technique

Sufiyan, Mohd, Haleem, Abid, Khan, Shahbaz, Khan, Mohd Imran
Sustainable Production and Consumption 2019 v.20 pp. 40-57
demography, experts, food supply chain, multi-criteria decision making, prioritization, supply chain
A Performance Measurement System of any Food Supply Chain (FSC) consists of a complex array of performance criteria and their indicators which seems interdependent. There is a need to evaluate the performance of FSC with the help of important criteria and associated key indicators. In this study, we have identified the six important performance criteria and their key indicators using the integrated approach of literature review & expert opinions.Further, we have employed the approach of fuzzy Decision-Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL) to corroborate the interrelationships among the identified performance criteria and their associated indicators. Study undertakes prioritisation of performance measures or criteria of FSC with the help of an upcoming concept of hybrid Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) technique. The study further utilises the performance indicators of FSC which are comprehensive and reflects the significant characteristics. Results identify three highly essential performance criteria (i.e., ”service to the customer” ”quality” and ”supply chain efficiency”) with top five important key indicators as ”customer satisfaction”, ”customer complaint”, ”on time delivery”, ”reverse logistics” and ”process quality”. Finding suggests towards proper coordination & collaboration among the partners within the framework of an FSC. The study considers, “Information sharing” as an essential factor for improving the coordination and collaboration in the supply chain. A significant limitation of this research is the subjective inputs of experts who belong to demography.