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Evaluation of relaxation and creep curve by application of peleg linearization and prony series

Mohos, Ferenc Á., Vozáry, Eszter
Progress in agricultural engineering sciences 2018 v.14 no.1 pp. 61-75
apples, models, rheological properties, wines
In practice, there is a demand for quick characterization of rheological properties of food materials. The exact model calculation requires complex and long-term mathematical process. In this work, a simple, quick linearization method – the Peleg linearization – is discussed and is compared with the Prony series method. In the Peleg linearization only two constants are used, one of them gives the initial rate of relaxation or creep and the second one gives the equilibrium value of relaxing force or of creeping strain. The Prony series approach the relaxation and creep with the sum of two or more exponential functions and equilibrium values. Both methods give the same equilibrium values for both the relaxation and creep of wine gums and apple. The initial increasing rate of creep is higher by the Peleg linearization and lower by the Prony series. At relaxation the initial decreasing rate is lower by the Peleg linearization and higher by the Prony series.