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Identification of antioxidant peptides derived from egg‐white protein and its protective effects on H2O2‐induced cell damage

Zhang, Biying, Wang, Huiyu, Wang, Ying, Yu, Yiding, Liu, Jingbo, Liu, Boqun, Zhang, Ting
International journal of food science & technology 2019 v.54 no.6 pp. 2219-2227
antioxidant activity, antioxidants, cell membranes, cell viability, egg albumen, enzyme activity, glutathione peroxidase, human cell lines, hydrolysates, lipid peroxidation, peptides, protective effect, ultrafiltration
To identify novel antioxidant peptides from egg‐white protein and investigate antioxidant mechanism, the hydrolysate of egg‐white protein was purified by ultrafiltration and a Sephadex G‐15 column. The peptides VYLPR, EVYLPR, VEVYLPR and VVEVYLPR were identified from the fraction with the highest antioxidant activity. The Results showed that the peptide VYLPR exhibited the strongest protective effect on HEK‐293 cells. The viability of cells recovered to 97.45 ± 1.98% with pre‐treatment of 20 μm VYLPR. We further investigated antioxidant mechanism. The results showed VYLPR could inhibit lipid peroxidation process, maintain cell membrane integrity, inhibit intracellular LDH activity, reduce MDA content, and improve the activity of antioxidant enzyme T‐SOD and GSH‐Px. This work could help researchers in understanding antioxidant mechanism of peptides and also contribute to developing functional egg‐white product.