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New and interesting oribatid mite taxa (Acari, Oribatida) from the Gambela region (Ethiopia)

Ermilov, Sergey G., Rybalov, Leonid B.
Systematic and applied acarology 2019 v.24 no.5 pp. 905-917
Galumnidae, fauna, mites, new species, Ethiopia
The present study is based on oribatid mite material (Acari, Oribatida) collected from the Gambela region in Ethiopia. Two new species of the subgenus Galumna (Galumna) (Galumnidae) are described. Galumna anuakensis Ermilov sp. nov. differs from G. calcicola (Aoki & Hu, 1993), G. lanceosensilla Ermilov, Sidorchuk & Rybalov, 2011, G. paracalcicola Ermilov & Anichkin, 2014 and G. paramastigophoraErmilov, 2015 by the presence of clavate bothridial setae and foveolate anogenital region. Galumna gambelaensis Ermilov sp. nov. differs from G. wojciechniedbalaiErmilov, 2012 by the presence of very long, flagellate interlamellar setae and comparatively large dorsosejugal porose areas. A list with new records for Ethiopian fauna, including 13 species, is provided; of these, Gymnodamaeus neonominatus (Subías, 2004) is recorded for the first time in the Ethiopian region, other species and the genera Gymnodamaeus Kulczynski, 1902 and Stachyoppia Balogh, 1961 are recorded for the first time in Ethiopia.